Music Relief Foundation was founded in 2011 by Magdalene Adenaike. The charity was inspired by Magdalene's first-hand experiences of the hardships, isolation, and challenges faced by becoming a teenage parent. During this period, she discovered the transformative power of music and the importance of bringing other teenage mothers together to share their experiences. With these two revelations, the idea for Music Relief Foundation was born.

It became a place where young mothers could find refuge, receive counselling, and make friends. Furthermore, MRF provided a platform to channel their creativity and help build their confidence. The scope of the charity widened, and in doing this has led us to reach more young people. Responding to the shifting challenges faced by young people today, the charity addresses issues such as knife crime, mental health, safeguarding, sexual exploitation, and trafficking.


We engage young people aged 11+ in positive activities during term time and holidays to help build their team skills and expose them to new interests. Our workshops provide a safe space for young people to learn hard and soft skills, talk about issues, express their emotions, and introduce to them the tools they need to process the challenges they face.

“Music Relief helps us to go to places that as young people we will not usually go to, to help us see a different life” – Josh MRF Ambassador


To provide a range of opportunities for young people by connecting and establishing links with local authorities, community groups, governmental organisations, and voluntary groups as an access point and referral unit to build a strong community for our target audience. To focus on the promotion of positive confidence-building through our diversified programs, serve as an advocate for positive change through the creative arts and become the leading coordinator unit of community-based services.

“Music Relief has helped me to build my confidence so that I can stand in front of people and speak my mind” – Angel MRF Ambassador


We see a world where young people can be equipped with the tools to advance their creativity, so therefore we pride ourselves in building strong foundations for them to unleash their creative spirits through our workshops.

“Music Relief changes people, it brings out the best in you” – Former More Than Able Academy Student