On Tuesday 9th April 2019, Music Relief Foundation (MRF) released two booklets, under the support of Wilfried Zaha, at Crystal Palace Football Club, as a guide for activists and policymakers to run effective campaigns in tackling knife crime. Magdalene Adenaike, the CEO of MRF, talked about the importance of the research and MRF.

Inspirational CEO Of Music Relief Foundation Magdalene Adenaike — ‘From Shame To Strength & How Music Saved Her’

Magdalene Adenaike

Sometimes you simply can’t pigeon hole someone because the breadth of their skills, compassion, and understanding is just too varied. Magdalene Adenaike is one such person. Founder and CEO of Music Relief Foundation, Magdalene is an award-winning entrepreneur, musician, inspirational speaker, business mentor and fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.