We are in an uncharted territory and find ourselves having to navigate life in a new way — the social distancing way.

Covid-19 has taken us unawares and having an unforetold impact on our economy. Many small youth charities like ourselves are having to find new ways of working with the young people we serve as we can no longer meet. All our services are ideally face to face, but now we have to adapt to working online in order to continue to provide uninterrupted service.

Covid-19, has brought social distancing and self-isolation and equally also boredom, many wasted and unproductive hours spent on the phone, playing computer games, lounging in bed and in some cases loneliness and depression. Having worked with young people for over 9 years, we are experts in understanding how to interact and engage with them, but need your help to ensure that we continue that positive engagement. We have seen the impact from our services on the lives of young people and sometimes on their families.

Your donation will make a massive difference not only in the lives of the young people but also in the lives of the tutors. Unfortunately, many of our tutors are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent cancellation of multiple music events.

The best way to counteract the enforced isolation is to stay positively connected online. We will be providing music lessons, tutorials and one to one group mentoring via a private YouTube channel.

Your £10 will provide 30 minutes
Your £20 will provide 1 hour session
Your £40 will provide 2 hours worth of sessions
Your £80 will provide 4 hours worth of sessions
Your £200 will provide 10 hours worth of sessions
Your £500 will provide 25 hours worth of sessions
Your £1000 will provide 50 hours worth of sessions

We will never deny support to any young person


Music Relief Foundation (MRF) is a charity (1185747) situated in Croydon, South East London. Young people face numerous challenges but we believe that by working with them through this difficult period in their lives, we can help equip them with the skills they need to navigate through the challenges of their youth and become inspirational leaders of the future.

We aim to provide young people with a strong practical and emotional foundation from which they can grow into healthy, confident and successful young adults. To achieve this we harness the natural talents of young people - their creativity, their curiosity and their burgeoning confidence. As our name suggests, we encourage in particular the power of music and the arts to help connect young people to the issues that they care about. We aim to help young people find their own voice within our community and let them be a part of the national conversation around “young people”.

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