Developing and building joint governance with music as the core incorporating all our services that clearly define who we are and why we exist. To establish the improved well-being of the individual through increased resilience, tenacity, confidence, and hope. After years of organising smaller and ad-hoc music projects, throughout the years, in November 2021, we decided it was time for us to set up our MUSIC RELIEF FOUNDATION (MRF) Music School Service. Having seen the need for more accessible opportunities in the arts and music for years, we launched our Music School offering affordable and accessible music education to our local grassroots communities.
We could not have predicted the growth and success our Music School has had in just a year, and now we are in a position where we have outgrown our space.
We are doing all we can; however, we struggle to fit in new classes to accommodate new beginners and have a growing waiting list as our space is just too small, with just one activity room to include over 20 courses. Therefore, we are on a mission to move into Lord Napier, a former legendary jazz venue, and transform it into a music-community hub to serve our wider community!


Our History

MRF was founded in 2011 by Magdalene Adenaike. Inspired by Magdalene's own experiences - she endured hardship, isolation, and other challenges as a teenage parent - she decided to become involved with something that might help others. Discovering the transformative power of music, Magdalene wanted to inspire others, and MRF was founded. The charity has delivered various services for young people in schools and the community. It initially provided ad-hoc music lessons as plans for the music school were formalised. MRF has collaborated with Croydon Composers, Access Music Media, The Mixtape Project, and Playlabz.CIC. Performances at Box Park Croydon, The Front Room, Crystal Palace Fans Corner, and The Palace of Westminster coincided with our knife crime launch, More Than Able (MTA).
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MRF's Future -

Why we want Lord Napier?

Building on our Music School's success in this eleventh year, 2022 – Our year of Expansion. Looking forward towards our twelfth year and beyond, we have experienced expansion MRF, and we are now looking to expand into a prominent site that can better accommodate all our needs. But why Lord Napier? – Lord Napier – right in the heart of Thornton Heath, has an illustrious history of being London's Jazz hub during its heydays. Alan Elsdon, George Melly, and several more jazz and dub-Reggae bands played there. Unfortunately, since its closure in 2017, it has been left to go derelict, and its history is becoming forgotten. We want to bring about the venue's rebirth, restore its cultural heritage and honour its history by transforming it into a music and culture hub. We will use the Napier to expand our lessons - giving us more space to accommodate more students, classes, and a range of new instrumental lessons. We will start new projects such as sound and music production, studio sessions and regular band rehearsals. We will also expand our facilities to open a café and have a creche, performance, and concert space!


What we need

Volunteers – we are looking for volunteers who can fundraise for us, individually or collectively. We are also planning a music festival, and we will like people who can assist in bringing the plans together, people who have contacts with industry artists who can spread the word and create awareness. If you have a can-do attitude, have any prior experience in music or community building, or have time to spare in any way, please get involved! Register here.