London Live interview

Speaking about the surge of knife crime and the deaths of the youths. Magdalene, spoke about what can be done to reduce these killings and what our initiative #morethanable is doing to empower the youths

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" Enrolling in CHANGE, now, can lead to career prospects and a changed way of life later.”

"Among those backing the Change campaign is reality TV singer and vocal coach CeCe Sammy."

'At a talent show in London, many young people have stories about knife violence – and strong views on how to tackle it"

"A few members of the Music Relief ambassadors were interviewed by Dutch reporters for news night about their views on the upsurge of knife crime in London"


“Music Relief celebrates decade of working with young people“

"This is how £50,000 is going to be spent in Croydon to tackle knife crime"

"Meet Music Relief: The young voices battling knife crime in Croydon"