MRF Music School was launched to enable children and young people to access music at affordable rates. With a large demographic of families from grassroots communities, the school caters to all needs and aligns with the charity’s ethos of providing opportunities to those regarded as less privileged.

About MRF Music School

The MRF Music School, which launched in November 2021, is specifically targeted at young people from grassroots communities and their families. Our sessions take place for up to an hour a day for ten weeks per term.

Tuition can start when children are as young as six years to adulthood (any age). We cater to both home-schooled children and children in schools or pupil referral units (PRU).

Whether you are a beginner or otherwise, our doors are open to you. Our prices are reasonable and accessible.

Since the launch of the music school in 2021, our vision has always been to get our students to ABRSM music grading, and we have now started achieving that dream.
We have adopted this standard and will work towards ensuring that all our school-aged students work towards ABRSM exam gradings.

Music Relief helps us to go to places that as young people we will not usually go to, to help us see a different life.



MRF Music School coordinators

Gozia Janek

Music School Coordinator (Wednesday – Saturday)


Isabel Marquex-Leaman

Music School Coordinator (Monday – Wednesday)


Simon Arnold



Simon is an experienced and dedicated musician and has taught for many years alongside his professional career. From his work with charity organisations, schools and private clients, his students live across London. His teaching is harmonically-centred. He believes in building a strong understanding through music theory and implementing these ideas with a practical application. Simon has played the guitar since he was a child and as an adult moved to study music production and piano. He works as a solo electronic artist and producer, as well as building electronic instruments and running workshops.

Eric Fauss

Violin Tutor


Erik Fauss is an award-winning violist, creative, and artistic director currently freelancing in London. He studied music in California and Vienna, and completed his Masters at the London Royal Academy of Music. Active in his faith, he is the worship pastor at Christ Church Fulham and performs regularly with the Kings Chamber Orchestra (a professional Christian ensemble). He performs and records in an indie-folk band, The Salts, with his wife Audrey Tambudzai, and the two are currently producing their first album. Having finished a research project on audience-performer dynamics for his Masters dissertation, he launched a chamber concert series called Hygge Sessions in 2021 that seeks to break down the barrier between performer and audience through informal settings, facilitated discussion, and improvisation. Fauss is also currently creating music improvisations to paintings and visual art. He looks forward to joining the MRF team.

Edgar Deu



Edgar is a percussion teacher and drumming band leader organising various community drumming projects in London. He started learning percussion in 2000 in California, where he mastered various percussion instruments and Brazilian music genres. He performed in different cultural events throughout the Bay Area, including the San Francisco Carnival. After moving to London in 2012, Edgar continued expanding his formation as a percussionist focused on African and Afro-Brazilian music. He joined Tribo in 2015, an Afro-Brazilian drumming band, and has performed at various venues, cultural events and music festivals in London and across the UK.

Joseph Petgrave



I am completing my master’s in Jazz piano performance at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. My passion is to make music education accessible and enjoyable for young people by developing various skills and repertoire, mainly through improvisational techniques that build confidence and competence.

Colin Anderson

Keyboard and Choral Director


Colin is a Choir Director for the multi-award winning Town Hall Gospel Choir and Britain’s Got Talent finalists B Positive Choir. Has over 3 decades experience of teaching piano lessons and delivers choir workshops both national and internationally. Colin works in the music industry and has sung or conducted in most of UK’s top concert halls. Colin enjoys session singing and has sung on several TV, Video & Film scores including both Black Panther movies.


Guitar Tutor


My name is Seyi. I’ve been playing guitar for over 10 years. I started in my church band when I was younger and would play in school assemblies. Before leaving School, I got the opportunity to get grade 2 in guitar. I have used this in the past to teach beginner guitarist


We could not have anticipated the growth and success that our Music School has had, and now we have outgrown our space. We are doing all we can; however, we are struggling to fit in new classes to accommodate beginners and have a growing waiting list. The space is just too small, with one activity room to run over 20 courses. Therefore, we are on a mission to move into Lord Napier, a former legendary jazz venue, and transform it into a music-community hub to serve our wider community.

My Life, My Purpose

My Life, My Purpose is a mentoring and support programme that is designed to boost self-esteem, self-confidence and teach transferable skills. It gives young people positive role models and is tailored to each student’s individual needs.



No matter how big or small the amount, all donations are welcome. Your contribution will go towards the growth of the Music School and the projects we are currently working on.



We’re always looking for keen and reliable volunteers to support our various work areas. In return, you will be able to develop your skills, meet new people and work as a part of a team.


We can accommodate students for work experience and have previously welcomed students from Croydon College, Newham College, Greenwich University and Impact Futures.


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