Music Relief Foundation to Transform Youth Culture in Croydon


Tackling poverty and social exclusion amongst the youths living in Broadmead and Thornton Heath is extremely important and one organisation Music Relief, has successfully secured a grant from the Big Lottery Fund to work with these young people.

In light of the 2011 riots that took place in Croydon, Music Relief has decided to support young people to find better ways to cope with challenges they experience in life by enabling them to unleash their creative spirits thus preventing the repeat of such horrible occurrences.

Magdalene Adenaike, CEO and Founder of Music Relief Foundation started Music Relief from her own personal experiences as a teen parent facing hardships and devastation. In her own words, "I believe that our young people are our future leaders and they need to be encouraged and supported in a positive way to bring out their talents and abilities to enable them walk purposefully in life".

Music Relief will provide training workshops enabling the young people to better cope with challenges in their lives. Providing soft skills through music and drama therapy and hard skills such as sessions of CV writing, job preparation, confidence building and leadership skills leading towards a number of Open College Network qualifications. Having worked with several youth organisations outside of the borough, Magdalene decided to bring the experiences and success stories of Music Relief to support the youths of the borough through their award winning Youth Visibility programmes.

Croydon’s population is now estimated to be 381,000, the second most populated borough in London. It has 84,000 young people under the age of 15, the largest number of any other borough. According to Croydon Observatory, In comparison to the rest of the wards in Croydon and England as a whole, Thornton Heath has the highest number of black Afro/Caribbean residents with the highest number of unemployed or never worked residing in the ward.


Note to Editors:

Music Relief Foundation, is a Limited by Guarantee organisation with a Board of Directors appointed to run the organization. Music Relief Foundation is embedded in and has developed out of the transformational power of music, based on the realization that music goes beyond only the listening pleasure, coupled with the feedback offered by our clienteles.

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