My Life, My Purpose is a mentoring and support programme that is designed to boost self-esteem, self-confidence and teach transferable skills. It gives young people positive role models and is tailored to each student’s individual needs. We work alongside schools to address personal issues through music, the arts, creative writing and self-expression.

Watch how we helped Shentoya overcome her insecurities and gain the confidence to deliver a presentation she created about the impact make-up has on young girls.

Who is it for?

The My Life, My Purpose mentoring programme is open to 11–19 year olds. The programme is beneficial for students who:

• Have issues with self-esteem or are being bullied

• Have been disruptive in school or had low or no attendance

• Have been identified as vulnerable or in need of positive role models

• Are at risk of or already entangled in criminal activities, sexual exploitation or distribution of drugs.

How does it work?

Our 45-minute weekly support sessions can take place on school premises or at the MRF office. More than 500 hours have been spent delivering our My Life, My Purpose programme through one-to-one and group sessions so far.


If we can secure sponsorship and funding, we provide the programme for free.

However, if this is not possible, the programme is chargeable to schools at £500.


More Than Able (MTA) Leadership Academy

The More Than Able (MTA) Leadership Academy is a youth leadership programme that provides both prevention and intervention support. The MTA programme works with children, schools and families to help reduce behaviours that lead to exclusion. It also promotes and teaches leadership values, such as service, duty and selflessness.

After School Club Fencing Academy

Fencing provides escapism and challenges students mentally and physically, which is essential for health and wellness. These advantages will help children succeed outside of the sport.


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