Our ambassadors, ‘More Than Able’ (MTA) are a dynamic team of volunteers aged 11- 25 years old. They work together to tackle youth barriers within society, engage with policy makers, support MRF to represent the voices of young people and improve the disconnect and communication between young people and relevant stakeholders e.g parents, teachers, communities, and council representatives.

"As an ambassador, I am taking on big responsibilities, and can improve my soft skills by being approachable and conducting myself accordingly."

Currently works as a teacher/teaching assistant in secondary schools, specialising in special education needs.Nia has been with Music Relief since she was 15 years old.


"I like working with Music Relief because you get to experience and go to places that many of my peers are not able to access at our age. I especially love it because of all the skills I am developing that will further enhance my CV and job prospects."
Hobbies include: rugby, football, sleeping, and playing PS4. Joshua has been with Music Relief since he was 13 years old.


"I would like to work within the music industry when I grow up as an artist or producer. I am keen to develop my mixing skills even further. I became an ambassador and have grown as an individual and within the organisation."
Enjoys playing basketball, writing songs and has grand ambitions of working in the music industry. Kai has been with Music Relief since he was 11 years old.


"I am proud to be a Music Relief ambassador. It has allowed me to assist in making changes within my community; by using music and public speaking as a platform, we can highlight issues affecting young people such as knife crime and hate crime." Enjoys sports, creative arts, acting, dancing and music-making. Angel has been with Music Relief since she was 11 years old. She/Her


"I always knew what I wanted in life but never knew if I was ever going in the right direction and at the same time felt like I was just skimming through life and missing out on things I felt that I was supposed to do at my age. I was wasting my life, not living up to my full potential but knowing I wanted to help people in any way I could. Joining Music Relief has given me the chance to do just that: working with people of all ages and helping them reach their full potential while also helping me understand who I am and who I want to become."


'Working with Music Relief betters me and allows me to get experience working with children. I do not only see Music Relief as an organisation but as a family and a safe space for everyone. Music Relief's primary purpose is to aid those in need'.


“Music Relief has helped me to build my confidence so that I can stand in
front of people and speak my mind”


ANGEL, MRF Ambassador

The global youth awards 2019

In October 2019, the young ambassadors were nominated and won the Global Youth Awards held at Magazine London for their influential contribution to education innovation and empowerment. Our ambassadors won the 'Innovation in Music' category for their efforts to tackle knife crime through music. The Global Youth Awards recognises and celebrates the extraordinary work, achievements, and impact of young people across the UK. Our award-winning ambassadors have also featured in the press, collaborated in community projects, and taken campaigns to parliament. They are available for press opportunities to share stories, quotes, and opinions on youth topics.

The impact of knife crime

An interview with RTL Dutch News to discuss the upsurge of knife crime in London.

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Stories of Knife Crime

In an article with The Guardian, our ambassadors shared their personal experiences of knife crime and what factors they believe play a significant role in stabbings – poverty, lenient punishment, school expulsion, and lack of community activities.

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Our youth ambassadors were invited to speak at the CSI Croydon to celebrate British Science Week. Public speaking events provide a great opportunity for young people to see positive role models. Our young ambassadors’ mission is to positively influence the next generation to uncover their true potentials, overcome weaknesses, and show young people how to live with integrity, optimism, hope, determination, and compassion.

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