Music Relief Foundation is a youth charity that is embedded with the culture of ensuring the wellbeing of the individual is always at the centre of our practices. With statements from young people such as:

Music Relief helps us to go to places that as young people we will not usually go to, to help us see a different life
Music Relief has helped me to build my confidence so that I can stand in front of people and speak my mind.


We continue to strive to progress further to support even more young people.


We strongly believe in supporting young people with activities that will help them develop a balanced wellbeing. To this end, we decided to introduce fencing, a sporting activity as part of our service delivery, with an integral benefit of learning self-control.

Our coaches are all qualified and DBS-checked in the delivery of fencing to both primary and secondary school students. We are presently delivering our fencing program to two primary schools, Cypress Primary School and Whitehorse Manor Junior school as part of their after school club provision.

To request for fencing delivery in your school: Can you please complete the sign up form.

    Enriching Lives Holiday Programme

    Open for FREE to young people to come and connect with other young people and make new friends.

    Our holiday program runs for 4 weeks during the summer holidays, and for a 1–2 days during the other holidays apart from Christmas — Check out what the young people who attended our 2019 summer holiday are saying

    Registration will be opened once we are delivering an activity.

    More Than Able Leadership Academy

    This program lends its name from our knife crime campaign called More Than Able #morethanable which we launched at Parliament November 2017. We have now developed this program, that works with young people in secondary schools, for 6 weeks period each time. We have worked and continue to work with students from Harris Academy South Norwood —

    Course Components

    1. My Life, My Purpose
    2. Offline and Offline World
    3. Healthy Relationships

    Download here

      Give Youths a Voice

      Give Youths A Voice #giveyouthavoice is a new campaign from Music Relief Foundation, this gives young people the chance to speak out. The campaign is very relevant when looking at issues in the wider society and seeing many other young people who are speaking out against injustice and issues affecting them as individuals.

      Download here

      Express Yourself Youth / Express Yourself Olders

      This is a bi-weekly session that happens every other Friday 6.30pm – 7:30pm

      It is our intergenerational program that pairs both the younger and older generations together to a mutual place where they communicate and express themselves freely. Educating the other person about their life and the struggles they face, in order to become more knowledgeable and pull down the walls of barriers between both groups.

      Register now and attend a session. Donations are gratefully welcomed

        My Life, My Purpose (Achievers Club)

        We now run weekly Wednesday clubs with youth mentors addresses issues identified in the article as well as working alongside the school to ensure a holistic approach is taken in regards to their personal performance for the enablement of a balanced wellbeing