Simon Arnold Guitar Teacher

Simon is an experienced and dedicated musician and has taught for many years accompanying his professional career. From his work with charity organisations, schools and private clients his students spread far and wide across London.
My teaching is harmonically centred, I believe in building a strong understanding through music theory and implementing the ideas with a practical application.
I have played the guitar since I was a child and as an adult moved to study music production and piano. I work as a solo electronic artist and producer as well as building electronic instruments and running workshops.
Music Relief Foundation
Guitar Lesson plans
◦ Learn the open string names
◦ Learn how to fret a note
◦ Learn the G major scale
◦ Master C and G triad chords
◦ Learn the notes of the stave and where they are found on the guitar
◦ Sight reading
◦ Crotchet, minim and semibreve values
◦ basic pieces from ‘The Guitarists Way’
Level 1
◦ Minor scales E and A
◦ Major Scales F and C
◦ Dominant chords and blues progression
◦ Introduction to counterpoint voices
◦ Develop chords and ability to change in time
◦ Introduction to quavers and how to count them
◦ Pieces from ‘The Guitarists Way’ book 2
Adults Level 1
◦ Major and minor scales
◦ Pentatonic scales and an introduction into improvisation
◦ Selected pieces suggested by students and teacher this term is ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles
◦ Sight reading with an emphasis on reading quaver rhythms
◦ Chord shapes and strumming patterns
◦ Selected pieces and exercises from ‘The Guitarists Way’ book 2