Level 1 Training: This is a mandatory level that is common to all the participants. This ensures that the young person understands their purpose and prepares themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically ready for their future journey. It consists of sessions like wellbeing, goal setting and sense evaluation Level 2 training: Technical training alone is not enough to significantly impact the lives of young people. MRF will organise and conduct skills enhancement & career-oriented courses for the young people through qualified professionals and experienced personnel's/experts in the field, representatives from organisations who are partners in this program. These courses will help the young person gain knowledge in their field of interest beforehand and ensure they are ready to work in their chosen industry.



We conducted surveys and held a focused round table discussion with young people to gain valuable insights to understand how their mindset concerning the impact of Covid19. We got to know their current impulses and what they want to do/learn through this survey. Upon their responses, we concluded on five careeroriented courses and more variety of classes to be added in the future.