Provide paid internships/placements/work experience. This is vital for providing young people with what they need to thrive and break down the barriers to their employment status. We know the importance of helping the next generation build towards their early career. The impact of COVID 19 has been paramount, reducing opportunities available and increasing the job market's competitiveness.


We understand that most employers already have existing internships schemes in place. However, our campaign is designed to help vulnerable and disadvantaged young people from grassroots communities, young people who would not traditionally be accepted due to their challenging circumstances and backgrounds, lack of previous experience and degree, or first-time offenders with criminal records. You may be apprehensive about taking such applicants on; however, we will be providing constant support to the young person and the employer to ensure a smooth working arrangement. We encourage employers to be more inclusive and open-minded. The young people we have onboard are highly motivated and eager to learn. We know that people can turn their lives around with the right encouragement and support. We are committed to making long-term differences in many people's lives and reduce reoffending. The CHANGE campaign is a collaborative project. You will receive continued support from our team and external parties with invested interests in the applicants, such as probation officers, social workers, teachers, and parents if required. We want young people from disadvantaged groups to have the opportunity to connect with employers and add experience to the CV.


How opportunities are structured and delivered is entirely at your discretion and to suit your business needs. Important things to consider are:

Timings – Opportunities can be delivered at any time throughout 2021.

Duration – E.g 1 day, 3 days, a week, 2 weeks.
Type – Work shadowing, workshops, internship, live or virtual events (in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines).

Location – Either delivered at your premises, online, or at MRF. Opportunities Available – Individual or group sessions, size of groups of your choice.

Example – A representative could deliver a one-day workshop to 15 students discussing an introduction to the sector, sector specific skills, project management framework (e.g companies business model), CV advice, Q&A, and deliver a project-based task.