We believe that knife crime can only be tackled when all parties involved work together to collaborate and with transparency at the core of work. As such, we have held several discussions over the years to bring wider issues to light, discuss solutions, track progress, and bring together diverse perspectives.

2020 – Who Holds the Narrative - A Music Relief seminar held at Royal Society of Arts London, discussing factors that influence youth culture and behaviour. Topics explored include: the media perception, knife crime, the correlation between school exclusions and rise in county lines, drill music, domestic abuse, young opinions, modern day slavery and adverse childhood experiences (ACE's).

2019 – London Wide Launch – This workshop followed our booklet launch - various professionals, researchers, practitioners, and the Queen's representative deputy lieutenant was in attendance.

2017 – Youths Matter Knife Crime Debate - Held at Parliament, Youths Matter was an engaging, interactive, informative discussion forum. Gathered were youths, police, MP's and community leaders. The event challenged all parties involved around knife crime and debated what needs to be done to stop more young people from dying needlessly. The event also included a speech delivered by mother who lost her son to knife crime.