The Change campaign is the new program by Music Relief Foundation (MRF) launched on the 30th of Mar. 2021 to coincide with our 10th anniversary. This campaign is targeted at young people aged 16 to 25 years old to support them in getting valuable training and gaining employment. This campaign's primary focus is to empower and support young people by providing something tangible to help them in their career and improve their employability skills. We will achieve this by collaborating and connecting young people with businesses operating locally, corporate companies, or any entities committed to aiding the community.



MRF offers a two-layered training process to the young person who signs up to the program and will signpost them for a work placement or further training with our partnering company. The first is our mandatory wellbeing training that supports understanding of purpose and goal setting, and the other is optional, either further training or work placement. The wellbeing training will equip the young person with a better mindset filled with confidence and qualification before starting their work placement. It is essential to make sure they learn the most out of their time with the company.