We offer our fencing lessons to primary school children as an afterschool club activity. Fencing promotes individual initiative, self-discipline, respect and sportsmanship. Fencing is a strategic sport, almost like a physical form of chess. It teaches children to think for themselves and to analyse the way other people think.

Fencing provides escapism and challenges students mentally and physically, which is essential for health and wellness. These advantages will help children succeed outside of the sport. We have delivered 60 fencing sessions and are currently working with two primary schools — Cypress Primary School and Whitehorse Manor Junior school — as part of their after-school club provision.

Who is it for?

The Fencing Academy is available in any London school. Classes are available for primary school children (10–12 in a group) and secondary school students (up to 15 students).


The programme lasts 7–10 weeks.

Cost: £40 per hour per child (The school does payment arrangement)


More Than Able (MTA) Leadership Academy

The More Than Able (MTA) Leadership Academy is a youth leadership programme that provides both prevention and intervention support. The MTA programme works with children, schools and families to help reduce behaviours that lead to exclusion. It also promotes and teaches leadership values, such as service, duty and selflessness.

My Life, My Purpose

My Life, My Purpose is a mentoring and support programme that is designed to boost self-esteem, self-confidence and teach transferable skills. It gives young people positive role models and is tailored to each student’s individual needs.


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