School Leadership Programme
More Than Able (MTA) Leadership Academy

Is a prevention and intervention program


We are providing preventative measures to young people who are vulnerably and at risk of being exploited and getting involved with crime. Intervention for young people in school who are frequently suspended from school, have negative interactions in school or already involved in youth violence, child sexual exploitation, county lines, exposure to grooming, domestic abuse and gang activities.
With a combination of group discussions, role plays, individual and group presentations and a showcase displaying musical abilities depicting the program learning.
The young people are supported weekly for eight weeks, one day a week, to understand the risks involved and how they can take ownership of their decisions to deter negative behaviours.

Workshops explore the transition to secondary school, the role of social media, self-expression, friendship groups, peer pressure, family conflict, and personal issues to identify the influences of poor behaviour. We find coming in as a neutral ground and harnessing music's power as an advantage that encourages engagement and positive behavioural changes. The program acts as a last resort to allow students to avoid expulsion.

Available for: Year 5 and 6 in primary school. And years 8 to 10 in secondary school. We work with students identified by your school as vulnerable and at risk of exclusion, engaging in criminal activities or child exploitation.

Details: One workshop per week, 90-minute sessions, tuition tailored based on student's needs. 10-12 students per workshop. Workshops delivered at schools.

Requirements:A teaching assistant must be available to sit in on sessions.

Testimonials: "When I first heard about the program, I did not think much, but after knowing it I have seen that I am more than able to follow my dreams, succeed in life, and make others happy" – S. "This project has taught me that if anyone peer pressures me to do anything and I feel like it's wrong, I'll step away. I don't care if they call me names or anything cause I know I'm better than that, and I know that I can do better stuff than that to succeed in my dreams" – D

Case study: Over 2000 hours spent delivering our More Than Able (MTA) Leadership Academy. The program is incredibly beneficial to students learning and school engagement. Watch Harris Academy's end of project showcase and results achieved after six weeks of working with Music Relief. The After school Activities and Mentoring information on that page is fine. Watch Harris Academy’s end of project showcase and results achieved after 6 weeks of working with Music Relief.

Fencing provides escapism and challenges students mentally and physically, essential for health and wellness and all of which will help children succeed outside of the sport. We have delivered 60 fencing sessions and are presently working with two primary schools, Cypress Primary School and Whitehorse Manor Junior school as part of their after-school club provision.

Location: London.

Available for: 10 – 12 primary school children and up to 15 secondary school students.

Costs: £40 per hour.

We work alongside schools to address students’ personal issues through music, the arts, creative writing, and self-expression. Watch how we helped Shentoya overcome her insecurities and gain the confidence to deliver a presentation she created about the role make up plays for young girls.

Available for: 11 – 19-year olds. The program is greatly beneficial for students with self-esteem issues, being bullied, disruptive in school, with low or no attendance, identified as vulnerable, in need of positive role models, or at risk of or already entangled within criminal activities, sexual exploitation and county lines drugs distribution.

Details: Our 45-minute weekly support sessions can take place on school premises or at MRF office. Over 500 hours have been spent delivering our 'My life, My Purpose program – through one to one and group sessions.

Cost: If we can secure sponsorship and funding, we provide the program for free. However, if this is not possible then the program is chargeable to schools at £500.


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