Mr David Koor – Piano Teacher

David started learning the Piano from the age of 5, and has been involved in education for the past 15 years, working in a range of settings from youth worker, classroom teacher and private tuition. Born and raised in Croydon, David has spent the last ten years touring extensively around the UK and Europe as a keyboard player with various artists and bands, as well as playing French Horn in Orchestras and in pit bands for various musicals.
He has performed at top London venues including Ronnie Scott’s, The Jazz Café and Koko, and has played at various venues and festivals across the UK and Europe including Glastonbury Festival, New Morning in Paris, Mojo Club in Hamburg and many others. He spends the rest of his time in the studio with various projects, from his own composition work to playing as a session player for a multitude of bands around the capital and as a mix/mastering engineer for various acts around the world.
Lesson plan:
Keyboard lessons at Music Relief Foundation are designed to teach two disciplines - both the practical side of playing the instrument, and the theory side of understanding written music and being able to translate that onto the keyboard.
Using supporting literature, the course will focus primarily on the development of correct hand technique whilst also teaching how to read music presented on a page, written as you would find it for all instruments, therefore enabling all students to transfer the skill to any other instrument they choose.
As the course progresses, more and more challenging pieces of music will be used, as well as more advanced theory. At all stages, practice in between lessons will be required, and will need to be short but regular in order to develop the hand technique properly. 10 minutes a day will be enough!