The CHANGE campaign aims to increase citizenship efforts and unlock executive power. It offers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds access to work experience, placements, education, and links to real jobs. We are addressing the need for skills that open doors to employment and economic opportunity



• Fundraise for us
•Become a charity partner: Help us make a long-term difference in young people's lives. We are looking to create impactful, mutually beneficial charity-corporate relationships. Whether you want to collaborate with MRF on future projects, take a financially supportive role, create volunteer opportunities for employees, or take on an advisory role to support the charity's growth, we can discuss collaboration in line with your CSR strategies and business needs.
• Gift Donations: Providing unique opportunities young people do not have accesses to or cannot afford is at the heart of what we do. For example, our instrument loan scheme lends out equipment to students to provide the chance to learn a new skill. You can support the charity by donating equipment, resources, or vouchers to purchase equipment. Examples include musical instruments or filmmaking equipment/ studio time to record music videos.
• Auction/Raffle Contributions: We would be delighted if you considered donating an auction or raffle item. The money raised with help support further MRF projects. Your generous donation will be in support of a great cause, and you will be thanked on the night.
• Skills-based Workshops: Volunteer to share your insights whilst encouraging young people to explore different paths and unlock their full potential. E.g., negotiation, personal development, artist management, financial management etc.
• Employability workshops: Confidence building exercises, CV and cover letter advice, mock interviews, support with current job applications, advice on organisation recruitment and opportunities or the opportunity to secure a summer internship/work placement/apprenticeship in your company.
• Speed Mentoring: Corporate mentors, eight young people. Six-minute rounds. Quickfire advice. It is an opportunity for young people to discuss career or educational options with people in their shoes.

Get Involved

To register interest, request more information, discover the suitable options for your business, or create a custom package, please complete the form below or call us on 0208 683 2922 or email A member of our team will be in touch shortly.