Edgar's BIO - Percussion Teacher and Drumming Band Leader

Edgar's BIO - Edgar is a percussion teacher and drumming band leader organising various community drumming projects in London.
Edgar started learning percussion in 2000 in California, where he learned to play various percussion instruments and Brazilian music genres and performed in different cultural events throughout the Bay Area, including the San Francisco Carnival.
After moving to London in 2012, Edgar continued expanding his formation as a percussionist focused on African and Afro-Brazilian music. He joined Tribo in 2015, an Afro-Brazilian drumming band, and performed at various venues, cultural events, and music festivals in London and England.
Since 2019, Edgar has been teaching percussion workshops and leading drumming performances for Tribo and the Pengenista Drummers, a community drumming group based in Croydon. In 2021, he also started a community drumming project in Kingston for people experiencing learning disabilities and mental health issues.
Edgar's passion for teaching percussion comes from his personal experience about how drumming can help people connect, improve their mental and physical health, and create a powerful sense of community through a shared experience of joy, achievement and belonging to a group. Edgar's goal in the classroom is not only to teach his students how to play different drums and learn different rhythms but, more importantly, to work together as a team to play as a drumming band, to encourage each student to express his/her creativity through musical games, and overall to ensure students experience music as a shared enjoyable, creative, and fulfilling activity.