Joanne Miller – Vocal Tutor

Joanne's fondness of music began at an early age, learning to play the piano, singing in a church choir and, leading her local church youth choir. Her natural ability to motivate others was evident throughout her studies at Community Music, London College of Creative Media, and Morley College where she directed and performed as a soloist and different ensembles. Joanne graduated with a First-Class Music Performance degree as well as other qualifications.
She is the proud musical director and founder of award-winning Soul Symphony Choir, who have achieved local music festival awards and raised over £ 12000 for charities and local causes and the founder of Gospel Rising. Joanne's love of teaching has led her to work at an array of choirs, schools and community groups. She has delivered corporate and other bespoke workshops, inspiring others with her positive and infectious spirit. With all the groups and individuals Joanne is currently working with, she provides members with a creative avenue of expression and belonging, helping to bring local communities together through song.
In these 10-week courses we will:
Do light physical and vocal warm-ups
Learn basic vocal techniques: articulation, dynamics, pitching, breathing and diction
Sing a range of songs
Basic song writing: Write original lyrics, learn rhyming structures and melody
Rehearse and perform for an invited audience